Changing bags

I must admit I’m a bit of a brand fiend.

When picking my baba’s first changing bag I almost thought well it doesn’t matter it’ll be full of nappies and empty bottles of milk most of the time, but no! I realised I’d be carting this thing EVERYWHERE, to the doctors, the supermarket, shopping trips you name it that bag is now your life support thrown together on your back seat. Why not indulge a little if you can, and have something that brightens those nappy changes (let’s face it they need brightening) and actually reflects you and your tastes, baba doesn’t care what it looks like sure so all the more reason for it to be an extension of you, just like your own handbag! So I picked a Moschino bag for my little boy which is this little gem below.

It cost £220 from Kids Cavern, and comes with a cute matching changing mat which I’ve found much easier than trying to remember to take disposable mats with me for those slightly grim changing room emergencies in supermarkets. The bag is enormous inside, literally fits everything you could possibly need plus a few extra outfit changes, it has a few internal side pockets too so no fishing for crushed rusks at the bottom, winner.

The only dilemma for me now is if we find out we’re having a little girl next, then we may have a little change up of colour scheme.


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