Mum’s own morning routine

When my little boy was a fresh bundle of newborn sleepiness I didn’t feel as though my routine had changed much, apart from the need to apply my concealer to my under eyes with a spade. I could pop him next to me in his Moses basket whilst I had a shower every morning as I’ve always done, take him to my dressing room usually still sleeping and dry my hair which he’d usually sleep through too 🙈and do my makeup and get dressed as I had always done.

It wasn’t until my little bundle started getting to grips with rolling and shuffling that this started to become tricky, suddenly everything is a hazard; he might knock his head on the drawers, he might accidentally roll on to the hair straightener cable by my dresser (doesn’t bare thinking about), and more than anything I felt selfish taking time in the morning to shower, dry my hair (which was at this point 16″ hair extensions thanks to a little pregnancy hair shedding!) and do my makeup when my little one now wanted my attention rather than sleeping contently through my regime, so I had to change things up.

This might sound bizarre but the thought of not showering in the morning and feeling fresh horrified me, but this was a big chunk of time washing my hair every morning (15 mins) then drying it (20 mins), then do my makeup (20 mins), then finding something to wear. So we’re talking nearly an hour here.

So I had my extensions taken out and restyled to a milky blonde bob, started washing, drying and even styling my hair in the evening when baba’s gone to bed, and dry shampooing as soon as I washed it to get an extra day out of it! Then giving up my dressing room to use a drawer in our lounge where I could store my everyday makeup so I can get babs ready, changed, fed, play with and sit on the floor with him whilst I do my slap, which isn’t ever anything OTT, foundation, powder, bronzer, eyeliner flick I can do in literally 5 minutes now, hooray!! My life saver here is having my lashes done once a month (SVS Nouveau btw) so I don’t have to fiddle about doing mascara with an 11 month old swinging off my bicep which is just asking to be bodged in the eye really.

For me this is one of those funny little things about having kids that wouldn’t occur to you before you have them, it does become all about them but it’s definitely important to still feel like a human being and looking like your old self (with slightly darker under eyes) helps not to loose sight of you.

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