Gender reveal on Christmas Day!

Me and hubs went for our 16 week scan on 21st December and took with us two Christmas cards we’ve had made with a photo of our little boy dressed as Santa for family and friends, and asked if they’d write in whether it’s a boy or girl so we can open it on Christmas morning! The sonographer was as excited as us I think 😆

The other card was for a cake maker, as we decided to have some cupcakes made with pink or blue icing inside so we can announce to our families over Christmas and Boxing Day what we’re expecting!

We both looked away from the screen at the crucial point so as not to ruin the surprise, it took 20 seconds max for her to find ‘the bits’ and be sure of the sex.

I must say it’s very strange having a stranger knowing what our next baba is and even stranger holding an envelope with the precious information in and having to wait until Christmas Day.

Eeeek!! This makes our first Christmas with our little boy even more special ❤️

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