Must haves for newborns

It seems very odd that despite being less than a year in to my parenting journey I’m turning my thoughts to looking after a newborn again. Fate has its own plans for me and I’ll be pulling all nighters alot sooner than I could’ve anticipated. And I wouldn’t change a thing!

I’m amazed by how the market can change so quickly, a few months off from scouring baby websites and shops and there’s all sorts of brand spanking new gizmos and gadgets out there. He’s a little list of a few things I couldn’t live without when having my 1st prince, and a few are on my wish list!

Snüzpod 3in1 bed

I found this side opening bed amazing after having a C section, I could see baby all through the night which is invaluable I think in those first few weeks, and soothe him back off with a dummy without too much disturbance to any of us. We used this right up until my boy was in his own room at 6 months, so plenty of room to grow. The mattress is nice and soft unlike another Next-to-me that we tried out which was like concrete. However we did use the Sleepyhead Deluxe with the Snüzpod….

Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod

This was recommended to me by lots of mum friends, it can be used overnight in a crib or moved around for day time naps and makes baby feel as though they’re being held thanks to the raised sides. When I went to the shop to purchase, no word of a lie, two mums walking past shouted ‘it’s amazing, buy it!’. *runs to checkout*.

The Sleepyhead is also slightly tilted downwards so raises baby at the head ever so slightly to help with wind, the mattress and sides are super soft and hold baby really gently. The covers are washable, a little bit of a nuisance to get back on as they’re so tight but a small price to pay… this is one of the things I swear got my little boy sleeping through the night!! He was so content, no fussing or wriggling, it really was like he thought he was being held all night. Paired with the Snüzpod, for me this was the dream team of happy sleeping, thinking my lucky stars I kept both for our new arrival to use too!

M&S muslin cloths

A golden oldie I’m sure for most mums, buuuuut I bought some really rough muslins from Toys r Us which I use as kitchen rags now as they were waasssy too rough to mop up soft, precious little faces. I’ve found all M&S’s Muslin cloths to be super soft cotton, my little boy took to rubbing one across his face for naps.

Snüz sleeping bag with opening

On my wish list is this genius bag, I took to sleeping bags late on with my little boy for some reason but I’m a huge fan now he’s in his own room especially it gives me peace of mind that there’s no covers being kicked off in the night. This little beauty even has a zip through the middle do you can access baby for a swift night time nappy change without getting cold and undressed. Geniuses!!

Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine

Tommee Tippee Prep Machine

I did have every intention of breast feeding my little boy but only managed a few days sadly. The prep machine is amazing, it’s pretty much just the precisely correct amounts of hot and cold water to make a bottle of the perfect temperature, ready to go. They’ve had some bad press, but as with many things they need a little maintenance in changing filters and making sure there’s no trapped water, not too difficult!

MyHummy White Noise Toy

This is another on my wish list for prince number 2. I found these little guys on Facebook and I’ve kept an eye on the reviews. They’re basically a white noise teddy, I found white noise brill for nap times and when baby was poorly and struggling to sleep. We did have a Ewan the sheep but it became annoying turning him on after half an hour, the MyHummy has a built in sensor which automatically kicks in the white noise when it sense baby is awake. They come in a few different styles, from bigger bears to small face shapes which are about palm sized.

Let me know what your must haves were for your newbies in the comments 💙

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