First birthday

My little cherub turned 1 on Saturday 13th January (yes he was a Friday 13th baby😆) we weren’t sure what to do for it as they’re still blissfully unaware of life events and happenings at this age. For us we really wanted to do something as we’ve dreamed about having our own baby for what felt like eternity and silently vowed to throw a party for the opening of a jam jar if it involved them.

We decided that we wanted to take him to Blue Planet Aquarium, something exciting and visual for him. On the morning of his birthday we arranged his Teepee tent (link here, I’m super impressed with the quality!) Fun With Mum Grey Teepee Tent in the lounge and filled it with his presents, arranged his balloons and his big present which was a Waltzer car from Outdoor Toys (Outdoor Toys Waltzer). When we brought him downstairs in the morning Dexter was soooo excited, it’s amazing how much they can take in at this age and get excited about new things.

The Waltzer is probably a ‘grower’ for Dex, bless him he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.

We had a few family members round in the morning for a few hours so he could see them before his day out and sang happy birthday and cut his beautiful cake which is another one of those triumphant moments I think for anyone who’s been through infertility, you daydream about your own babies and their amazing milestones and wonder if you’ll ever witness them for yourself, holding them whilst they gaze at their very own birthday cake. We did! And it was amazing and everything I knew it would be.

Dexter had a lovely day out seeing the aquarium, it was also nice to have him to ourselves for the majority of his birthday. Another mum friend told me to make the most of their birthdays before it’s a room full of other people’s wild children running havoc and destroying your house and I guess they were right.

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