5 Pregnancy must haves

Here I am, on baby number 2 arriving in a few months with a 1 year old toddling around. Something I NEVER thought would be in the realms of possibility.

It goes without saying that we all need looking after during pregnancy and having two bubas so close together, probably before your body had had chance to completely recover leaves our bodies needing a little more TLC.

My go to item has got to be comfy maternity jeans, I did try a few different high street brands when I was preggers last time – now this is an important everyday item to me BUT I certainly don’t want to be spending £££’s for something I won’t be wearing within a few months of buying. Each to their own but I much prefer under the bump maternity trousers, I find the over bump too weirdly restricting.

Topshop Leigh Maternity Jeans

Next on my must haves is a ‘stretch mark cream’. With my first pregnancy I started off using the usual bio oil but got so irritated with it making everything feel greasy and if you touch your hair before washing your hands, hello chip fat fryer head. I floated between different moisturisers after that, mainly an almond and honey pot from M&S which is put on probably once a day in the evening once I’d put my jamas on. I really think that aslong you’re using some kind of moisturiser that’s half the battle keeping stretch marks at bay… I didn’t get a single stretch mark but obviously don’t hold me to it as everyone’s different. This time round I’ve been using Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir once a day on my belly and hips (thanks Santa 🎅🏼🙏🏼) and so far so good!

Jo Malone Body Creme

I live in pyjamas when I’m pregnant, that’s a lie… I live in pyjamas whether I’m pregnant or not 🙄.

The first on my list for probably 1st to 2nd trimester is Ted Baker Pyjamas for when you still want to feel a bit feminine between sickness, fatigue and having a toddler sicking up their breakfast on you that is. If you buy big enough I guess they would see you through pregnancy, if you buy the button up traditional style like the link they could be good for breast feeding too. I love Ted’s prints and always feel a bit more ‘extra’ for bedtime.

These Victoria’s Secret Pyjamas are the softest, loveliest pyjamas ever. Stretchy enough to see you to month 9 and are flattering enough for those awkward mum tum months afterwards.

These vests from Newlook aren’t actually in the maternity range but I found they fit so much nicer than some of the saggy, baggy ones out there. Once I’ve hit a point where I’ve got a nice round belly as opposed to the ‘could’ve just had a Big Mac anddddd 20 nuggets’ belly I like to where a vest with a big cardie or kimono. These are an absolute bargain and have made it to my second pregnancy with me.

Diet Coke Caffeine free. Need Diet Coke, baby don’t need the caffeine. Need I say more? 🤔

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