9 Things no one tells you before you have a baby

1. Whether it’s a natural delivery or c-section, there will be bleeding. Lots of bleeding. For weeks. It’s not great.

2. You will not sleep properly again until they’re at least 18… and even then you’ll be worrying where they are. When your beautiful babe is asleep in your room, the slightest cough, grunt, movement will have your eyes shooting open, when they’re in their own room, the central heating or blackbirds outside could be them trying to get your attention. It literally never stops.

3. You’ll forget what you used to do with your time before babies because these tiny humans take up allllll of your time. What did you used to do on a Sunday morning? Get up before 8am and watch Mr Tumble *that is all you have ever done* in robotic mum voice.

4. For the first few weeks you’ll feel really embarrassed when your babe screams the place down in public as though they’re publicly shaming your parenting skills on a megaphone. You get used to that, then you don’t care 🤷‍♀️

5. There will be days you leave the house with sick down the back of your maternity leggings that you’re still clinging on to rather than braving button up jeans (shudder). You’ll return home and see said stain and think about all the people stood behind you in the queue at M&S and what they must’ve thought you had smeared down the back of your legs.

6. You can forget having a shower and blow drying your hair in the morning. You may aswell remove any hair extensions and don the ‘mum bob’ just before your babe arrives.

7. The first few weeks are scary. Am I doing this right? Is the bath too hot? Are they getting enough milk? When should I start to get a routine going? How to fix constipation? It didn’t matter how many classes you’ve done or books you’ve read, it’s daunting to have a little person that you absolutely adore and want to do the best thing for. And…

8. There will always be people that know best. Whether it’s total strangers telling you your baby should have a dummy or an extra blanket or people you know demanding that ‘their way’ of doing things is the best. The truth is that only YOU know what’s best for your baby and you as the combination of you two is totally different to anyone else and their experiences. Humans have been having and raising babies for thousands of years, you got this!

9. You will never do anything more satisfying than looking after someone else’s every need 24/7 purely out of unconditional love. Ok people do tell you this but the extent of the feelings you have is impossible to convey to someone until they experience it themselves.

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