Moving home whilst pregnant. With a toddler.

When I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 when baby #1 was just 7 months old I knew straight away I wanted to move house.

Don’t get me wrong our 3 bed, detached is probably adequate for a family of 4 but I just felt in my heart we were ready to move on. I’ve lived in our current home since I was 18 when I lost my mother it was the most sensible decision I made at the time to buy my own place with what she had left to me. The house is definitely a young family Home but I got that itchy feeling of out growing our surroundings – going from a single teenager to a married mum of 2 is a big difference after all.

We started looking pretty quickly and were nearly wrapped up in a brand new build of 4 bed, kitchen/dinner etc etc but at the last minute that wasn’t right either. Sure fresh skirting boards, immaculately plastered and painted walls and heavenly fluffy carpets is great but in a few years we’d only have an additional bedroom for our extra expenditure. We were really looking for something with lots of living space, room to grow, change things, something a little off the beaten track… we found it!

Long story short, after a very irritating 2 months (I know that’s mega quick to sell, but still!) we agreed a sale on our house and offered on our new family home. To say it’s been stressful is an understatement but we are just at the point of picking dates to move at last!

So excited, a little concerned about the work we need to do on our new home but it’ll be so worth it. I think a looming deadline of a baby arriving in June spurs us on a little and will make the mess and disruption a little more bareable. My light at the end of the tunnel is bringing my boys up in a ‘proper’ family home.

Has anyone else been crazy enough to take on a big moving project mid-pregnancy? 💘🏡

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