VBAC vs repeat c-section

With my little boy I was induced on my due date exactly, 40 weeks on the dot I went in the begin proceedings. I don’t think it’s just me, induction is NOT a remotely pleasant experience; your body is pumped with hormones firstly in your last bits via a tea bag looking contraption, then a drop if that’s to no avail. Not to mention the cost hanger type instrument to try and break your waters. After almost 48 hours of this with contractions but hardly any effacing I was an emotional wreck and wanted my baby here as safely and quickly as possible, so we went for an ’emergency’ c-section.

I must say I ENJOYED the c-section experience (bare with me!) yes the spinal, catheter, room full of medics and bright lights is terrifying but once you’re lying on that bed, I felt a calmness I don’t think is possible any other way. I could look in to my husbands eyes, and talk calmly and reassure one another that our little boy would be there any minute. It was beautiful. And he came and let out the biggest cry to let us know he was ok straight away, it was the best few minutes of my life.

The healing process wasn’t great, it hurts, of course it hurts. Your body has not only been kept awake, pumped full of hormones from the induction, it’s now had major surgery and had a baby and placenta removed forcibly. It took a week, maybe two to start feeling normal again and like I could straighten my back properly. But after a few weeks I was back to normal and I don’t regret a thing.

Yesterday I went to an appointment at the hospital to discuss the birth of my second son, baring in mind I had a c-section only 14 months ago. I was asked what my thoughts were at the start of the conversation, the rest of the discussion I felt as though I was being bombarded with reasons I should have a VBAC over another cesarean – subtly of course. The reasonings for not have a second include ‘there may be a cut to your baby with removing this way’, ok so what about the potential damage forceps can do to a babies brain when they get stuck? Others were that breathing difficulties could arise through not coming out of the vaginal canal… ummmm as can a natural birth?

The reasons in particular that led me to want another c section without trying a natural birth again we’re headed by the risk of rupturing my uterus. I was told this was minimal (1 in 200) and that I would be rushed to surgery for a section should this happen. Oh and if I had to be induced again this also raises the risk of rupture, so both roads lead me to a c section again.

I felt like I was been told that a c section just wasn’t the ‘right way’ and the killer blow was that I ‘wouldn’t be able to look after my son, picking him up etc’ that’s when I burst in to tears feeling like I was doing the wrong thing for both my babies by wanting this.

After a lengthy discussion with my husband and best friend (who had a repeat section 20 months after her first) I’ve decided I’ve got to go with what I think is right for me, not a nurse who had two natural births or anyone else for that matter. Both my babies need me, I couldn’t bare the thought of loosing my baby due to rupturing during labour, or endangering my own life when I’ve got a family who need me. Yes I may be sore for a couple of weeks, but I have an amazing husband who’ll be off work with me for 6 weeks doing anything I can’t manage, I’m sure 2 weeks of pain is worth the peace of mind.

It’s such a personal decision as I hope one day the stigma of c-sections disappears totally, it’s as much giving birth as a natural delivery, we’ve still nurtured a baby for 9 months, done everything we can to keep them safe. It is NOT the easy way out, it’s terrifying and painful but we don’t tell people that because it’s looked at down upon. I’m pretty saddened that even the midwife advising me obviously held these views.

I’d love to hear people’s thought and own decisions on vbac or repeat?

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